Welcome to my photo site, here you will find a sampling of my photos. I shoot that which I experience, I guess in a way that makes me some sort of journalist as well. Photography is one of those skills I am known for, well at least in my circle. Though I do take photography seriously I do what I do for fun. Take a look around, feel free to leave comments.

Not all galleries will you be able to view. This is intentional and not some cruel joke I am playing on you. As you see some of my photos are meant for specific audiences namely those close to me. Others are being kept secret because I like to torture those close to me with anticipation.

If you see a photo of yourself on here and would like to use it someplace, drop me an e-mail. I'm pretty open to my photos being used provided credit is given. But as you can probably understand I do like to know where my photos are going.

To get in touch with me direct your inquires to The. Snapper @ photobloke. net.


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