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Welcome to my photo site, here you will find a sampling of my photos. I shoot that which I experience, I guess in a way that makes me some sort of journalist as well. Photography is one of those skills I am known for, well at least in my circle. Though I do take photography seriously I do what I do for fun. Take a look around, feel free to leave comments. In some cases you can even vote for you favorite photos and they will appear below.

Not all galleries will you be able to view. This is intentional and not some cruel joke I am playing on you. As you see some of my photos are meant for specific audiences namely those close to me. Others are being kept secret because I like to torture those close to me with anticipation.

If you see a photo of yourself on here and would like to use it someplace, drop me an e-mail. I'm pretty open to my photos being used provided credit is given. But as you can probably understand I do like to know where my photos are going.

Lately I have been getting into shooting Cosplay a bit more seriously. If you have a convention you would want me to attend I wouldn't be opposed to such an offer. Send me an e-mail and we can discuss. Also Cosplay Groups local to Dallas if you would care to have talented photograper capture some images I would be open for discussion.

To get in touch with me direct your inquires to The. Snapper @ photobloke. net.

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